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Archive for November 2012

Avoid Moving Day Stress

By: Sean Zharfati Some 45 years ago, the Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SSRS) was invented to help people quantify just how much stress they were under at any particular moment in time. The scale takes 43 life events and assigns to each a number between 11 and 100 […]

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Moving to New York Playlist

By: Sean Zharfati Remember the really awesome moving playlist we uploaded here not too long ago? This week we are into a special moving playlist – one that is dedicated for those that are about to move to New York (or from it – god forbidden!) Moving to […]

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The Best Moving Playlist

By: Sean Zharfati Moving day is arriving, and you’d better be prepared! You’ve probably thought of most of the things you will need – you’ve checked out all the moving companies, maybe long distance movers if you are relocating out of state, and you may even have hired your moving company already. […]

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