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Archive for April 2013

Checklist to find your perfect Brooklyn Home

By: Sean Zharfati When you are looking to purchase a home in Brooklyn, NY and looking through the Brooklyn real estate, you should be prepared with a checklist. It’s essential to have this checklist before you start looking for homes so you know exactly what you are looking […]

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Brooklyn Vs. Manhattan

By: Sean Zharfati If you’re thinking about moving to Brooklyn from Manhattan, you are not alone. The once center of Bohemian New York culture, the idealized glamour of Manhattan seems to be faltering. There was a time where New York initiates longed to live amidst the sleek skyscrapers […]

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Moving and living in Pennsylvania

By: Sean Zharfati There are a few very important things your moving company recommends you know about Pennsylvania before you decide that long distance moving to this state is for you. Pennsylvania has its own language. It’s called Pennsylvania Dutch, and it derives from the West central German […]

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10 reasons to move to New York City!

By: Sean Zharfati Moving to New York City is one of the coolest things anyone can do. The great movers and shakers of fashion, food, art and film all live in New York City. It’s up there in the great lifetime achievements category along with skydiving and giving […]

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From the Big Apple to Boston

By: Sean Zharfati Making the move from NYC to Boston – some service tips from your moving company! Time your trip well Boston is about a three and a half hour to four hour, 220 mile north east drive from NYC. Your long distance moving company will probably […]

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