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Amazon Relocation is a team of dedicated, experienced moving professionals, offering you a moving service that is second to none.

We know that choosing the right moving company, one you can trust, is almost as important as choosing the right home. We also know just how much more service we offer than our competitors but we don’t just expect you to take our word for it, especially if you’ve never heard of us!

We won’t waste your time telling you just how awesome we are; the best way to learn about what our moving service brings to the table is to hear from the people who have actually moved with us…

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Amazon Relocation - Customer Reviews

Julia Ilisirov – Moved From New York to Florida

I dealt with Sharon, I was very happy with him – he keeps to his word. I paid the exact price I was quoted and my things arrived to my new home in three days. The delivery workers were friendly, they arrived on time, worked fast, and finished up when they said they would be. There was accidental damage to one piece of bedroom furniture but thankfully it was covered by the insurance policy; Sharon was very apologetic. He helped me to fill out the insurance papers and my claim was processed and settled very quickly. Because I’ve had some bad experiences with moving companies in the past, I’m glad I chose Amazon Relocation this time, as they were very professional.

Would I recommend Amazon Relocation? I have done already!

Leo Fortyz – Moved from the Bronx, New York to the Bronx, New York

I recommend the flat fee option. The estimates I got from other companies based on an hourly rate were not much cheaper but they were estimates, with this it’s a fixed fee. You know the bottom line and aren’t worried about what could be added to the final bill.  They turn up as early as possible and work as efficiently as possible. One the day of the move, they were knocking on the door at 7.30 to start loading the truck. It was all taken care of on the same day.

I’d recommend the company to others, friends, family and strangers. Four out of five stars; a very efficient moving service.

Michael Joest – Moved from New York City to Boston, MA

After the hassle of moving all my things last time, I decided to use a moving company going back to Boston– should have done it with Amazon the first time round. Wow! I was shocked; I’d never used a moving company before because of the horror stories I’d heard. I was worried about the cost and my wife thought we’d end up with half our things damaged or missing but it was a great experience from the first contact with Jacob. Amazon Relocation was helpful and all our stuff turned up on time and undamaged.

Our contact Jacob was always helpful and professional, I’d happily recommend the service to anyone.

David Roberts Moved from Manhattan, NY to Los Angeles, CA

Amazon Relocation helped me move out to LA from New York. Naturally, moving to the other side of the country is quite an overwhelming experience but Amazon Relocation was really helpful, especially Sharon who handled my move. The guys who picked my stuff up were friendly and really hardworking. They didn’t waste any time packing my things into the truck and delivered in the agreed timeframe. That counted for a lot in my eyes, they said what was possible and stuck to their word.

I don’t want to move for a while but if I do I’ll be using these guys again!

Shveta Karkur Moved from NYC to NYC

Amazon Relocation handled my New York move. On the day, the staff arrived on time; they were, pleasant, polite and friendly and listened to my concerns. Being a local move within NYC everything was delivered to my new home on the same day.

Sure,  I was satisfied with the service and would recommend Amazon Relocation to others. I’d score them four out of five.

David Evans Moved from South Brunswick, NJ to Philadelphia, PA

A friend recommended Amazon Relocation and they helped me move from New Jersey to Philadelphia. The service was great; they did an excellent job not just on the move out day  and delivery to my new residence  but also in lots of small ways leading up to my moving day, like advising me how to pack everything so their guys could load up as quickly as possible.

Amazon were really professional movers and I was very impressed with their service. I’d definitely recommend them to my other friends.

Lorraine Bergen Moved from Manhattan, NY to Washington DC

I recently moved from New York to Washington. I was very pleased with the moving service from these guys. They truck was on time, both ends and the staff were very helpful and efficient whether on the phone or in person. I paid the price we had agreed in advance which was fair.

I can’t recommend these guys enough; I’d rate them four and a half out of five, excellent service!