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We Have Answers for Your NY Long Distance Move

We know any relocation can be a hassle, but we can help make your New York City move go as smoothly as possible.  Our relocation specialists will help you plan and budget your move, and our moving professionals will ensure that the big day goes off without a hitch.

Many people have some basic questions about us, our range of services, and procedures to follow on the day of the move – review the questions and answers below to learn more.  Or, if you are ready to get started, please fill out our convenient online form for a free moving quote, or call us at 1-888-668-3540 and talk to one of our relocation coordinators now!

Q. Are you a licensed New York City moving company?
A. Yes.  Amazon Relocation is licensed by the state of New York, and our US Department of Transportation ID is #1915718, and our MC# is 686288.  We have specialized in moves to and from NYC for many years, and are an active part of the community.

Q. Do you provide insurance for my long distance move?
A. We offer the standard insurance coverage mandated by the US Department of Transportation.  If you would like additional insurance, we have several enhanced coverage options available for purchase.  Check with our relocation coordinators for further details.

Q. What types of payment do you accept?
A. We accept both cash and credit cards for all payments.  If you wish to pay by credit card, please submit a copy of the front and back of your credit card to our office no later than the day prior to the move.

Q. How early should I call to schedule my long distance move?
A. The earlier the better, as this will give us the best opportunity to meet your scheduling needs.  Four to six weeks is a reasonable lead time, particularly if you wish to schedule your move during the peak times of summer, the end of the month, or during holiday periods.  We will work to accommodate you to the best of our ability no matter when you call, but a longer notice time will help diminish the chances of a scheduling conflict.  To learn more, fill out our online estimate form for a free quote, or call us at 1-888-668-3540 and talk to one of our relocation coordinators.  Get the full details on New York City long distance moves here!

Q. Will your movers stay in touch with me during the day of the move?
A. Yes.  A relocation coordinator from our office will call you the day prior to your move, to confirm arrival time and answer any last-minute questions you might have (if your home phone service is disconnected, please remember to  give us a working contact number).  Our moving professionals all have mobile phones and/or two-way radios with them to ensure you will always be in touch.

Q. How should I prepare for the move?
A. Please have all loose items boxed prior to the arrival of our moving specialists. If you have additional questions, call our office and speak to a relocation coordinator – we are experienced NY movers, and we can answer any questions you might have.

Q. I would like disassembly and assembly of my furniture handled by professionals.  Do you offer this service?
A. Yes, we disassemble and reassemble FOR FREE. We do not charge an additional fee for this.

Q. How will my furniture be protected?
A. We use heavy-duty blankets and moving pads to protect all furniture items.  For items that require additional safeguarding, we have plastic wrap available for an additional charge.

Q. Can I leave any of my items in dresser drawers?
A. Yes, although there are limits to what can be left inside.  Any fragile, breakable, or unstable items must be removed.  Any exceptionally heavy items should also be removed.  For any armoires or dressers with non-secured doors, all items must be removed.  Following these guidelines will help ensure that your items and furniture will survive the relocation undamaged.

Q. What kinds of items should be boxed?
A. All of the following should be securely boxed: hanging clothes, china, silverware, pictures, lamps, small appliances, electronics, books, knick-knacks, perishable items.  This list is not exhaustive: if you are unsure about any items, ask one of our relocation coordinators prior to the day of the move.

Q. Are there any items that are not allowed?
A. Yes, we cannot take any flammable items, firearms, loose items that are unboxed, live plants, unsecured china or pottery, and anything that cannot be handled safely by a two man team.

Q. Do you have any hidden costs or “gotcha” fees?
A. No.  Your estimate will include all costs, and a full bill will always be provided to you prior to the day of your move.

Q. What if there is a gap between my move-out date and the move-in date at my new location?
A. As a courtesy to all of our customers, Amazon Relocation offers one month of free storage to help you bridge any gaps.  We can also provide additional storage billed on a monthly basis if you have an extended delay.  Learn more about NYC’s best storage deal here!

Q. Do you offer discounted long distance moving service at any time?
A. During non-peak times, we are happy to provide a discount on our relocation services.

Q. Are tips for your moving specialists standard?
A. Tips are greatly appreciated, and most customers tip between 10% and 15%, but tips are not required.

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