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How to calculate your storage space

By: Sean Zharfati

Few tips to figure out how much storage space you need when moving furniture to a storage facility:

How long is a piece of string?

Of course the size of storage facility you take will depend on the amount of furniture you want to put into storage. Storage units vary in size and your moving and Storage Company will help you determine exactly how much storage space you need, still it’s always handy to have an estimate before moving.

Storage Units

Make a List

On a piece of paper, make a detailed list, writing down each item of furniture you will be moving into storage. Remember to include white goods, cabinets, cupboards, sideboards, laundry equipment, children’s toys, collectibles  and glassware.  And also include cartons which may be filled with books, small kitchen appliances and other household items.


Take a rough measure of the larger items you will be storing and mark down your measurements next to each item. Write down how many boxes you might need to pack up your kitchen, books, home office, games and toys, linen, small paintings and other household items.

Keep in mind that boxes are squeezed into small spaces, under desks, on top of refrigerators, in shelf spaces etc.

Think Up and Down

Remember that storage facilities are cubed space, not linear space. If you have two desks the same size, you can store one on top of the other. Boxes will be stacked up to four or six a piece, depending on size and weight. Couches can sit on their side to take up less room. Chairs will be stacked too wherever possible.


A small home office including a two-seater couch and eight to ten cartons will take up approximately 5’x10’.

An average family home, including two washing machines, three beds, twenty boxes and two shelves as well as a sofa, and two desks will fill approximately 10’ x20’

Plan Ahead, Cut and Paste

  • Draw up a scaled floor plan of different sized storage options using the example above to guide you.
  • Scale down your furniture measurements and write them down next to each item on your list.
  • Now you can draw in each item or you can cut out each scaled item from colored card or paper, marking each one by name and size.
  • Then you can play with your colored blocks of furniture, stacking items on top of each other and seeing how they will best fit.

Your storage relocation company will be able to guide you further, but you will be able to estimate approximately how much storage you will need.

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