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Archive for the ‘Packing’ Category

Smooth Amazon Relocation

MAKE YOUR MOVE SMOOTHLY AND AT EASE It is not a fantasy to have to deal with the frustration and stress of moving as we pack our boxes to prepare for a new chapter within our lives.

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Kitchen appliances and long term storage

By: Sean Zharfati Long term storage is perfectly safe for all kitchen appliances and may be the perfect storage solution for your long term needs. There are a few things to keep in mind when packing kitchen items and small electronic appliances before sending them off to a […]

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How to Have a Pre-Moving Packing Party

By: Sean Zharfati Packing is the most annoying part in moving; even people who can look at the bright side of moving and to get excited from fresh starts at new places would usually get less excited by packing their belongings. Having a packing party with your friends […]

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Packing & Moving Supplies

By: Sean Zharfati You’ve set the date for the big move and hired your moving company. What’s next? Well, clearly you have to start thinking about packing up all of your belongings so that they are ready for the big day. It may seem like a massive chore […]

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