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Cleaning on your Moving Day

By: Sean Zharfati

If you are moving, one of the jobs you may not be looking forward to is cleaning. But remember what Mary Poppins says: “In every job that must be done, there’s an element of fun. Find the fun and – snap – the job’s a game!” So first and foremost, try to get into the spirit of how much fun it will be to leave behind a clean house or apartment, and to make your new home sparkling and ready to be moved into.

cleaning before and after moving

Cleaning Before Moving Out

Whether you are cleaning because your lease agreement requires you to, or because you simply want to leave the place in top condition for its new tenants, cleaning before moving is a great way to close one chapter of your life before you begin another and should be on every moving checklist. With everything else you have on your mind, it might feel like an overwhelming task, especially if the space is relatively large, so here is a moving checklist with some moving tips that can enable you to get the cleaning done in a positive, quick and successful way.

  • Leave out all of the supplies you will need to do the cleaning before packing
  • Prepare cleaning materials  – bucket and sponges or rags (old clothes can work great here), broom and dustpan or vacuum cleaner; cleaning agents – such as grease remover, bathroom tile and tub cleaner, carpet cleaner, etc.
  • Corners and next to the walls often need the most attention; consider piling your boxes in the middle of each room, to allow you access to those more neglected areas.
  • No one likes to clean in silence. So when you pack before moving, try to leave out a radio or CD player and a few of your favorite CDs to play in the background and give you energy while cleaning.You can always listen to our recommended moving playlist.
  • Don’t go for perfection – chances are the person moving in will be coming prepared to do their own pre moving cleaning – you want the place to look nice, neat and welcoming to the new tenant.

Cleaning Before Moving In

Now it’s time to move on to the next task in your moving checklist: cleaning your new home before moving in. If it’s close enough, the best thing to do is to take a day and go to your new home and get it ready for the move. If you can’t personally do this, consider hiring a cleaning service to take care of it for you. Once you and all of your belongings have moved in, you’ll never have the same chance at a fresh clean start, so take the opportunity while you can.

Specific moving tips to keep in mind when cleaning the space yourself are:

  • Decide on your modus operandi – some like to take on one room at a time before moving to the next. Others like to hit the whole house with one activity at a time – first dusting, then sweeping, then mopping or vacuuming, etc.
  • If you are not planning to paint the walls, give them a once-over with a wet rag, using paint rollers to reach the high places. You’d be surprised how much dust and grime can collect on seemingly clean walls.
  • If the place comes furnished at all, get out your bucket and rags and clean everything in sight – especially any electrical appliances like refrigerator and stove. Definitely move both of these items and clean behind them!
  • Go over the kitchen cabinets with a cleaning agent, and if lined, consider removing the paper and replacing it with your own new liner.
  • Give the toilets are very thorough cleaning, with a strong disinfectant of course. Consider replacing the toilet seats with new ones.

Now you’re ready for a fresh, clean start in your new home!



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