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Relocation Tips to Ease your Relocating

By: Sean Zharfati

Wherever you are relocating from and wherever you are relocating to, you are apt to find there is more than a little stress in the whole event. If you find this happening to you, not to worry! You are perfectly normal, and rather than trying to escape from all stress whatsoever, it’s best to try to reduce it and manage it. That should be the first relocation assistance anyone offers you.

“But how can I do that?” you may ask. Well, there are many things that can make relocating less frightening, and ease you into the changes about to take place in your life. Let’s look at a few of them.

  1. Affirmations – Decide on a few phrases that will come to your rescue whenever the idea of relocating starts to overwhelm you and you need some ‘spiritual’ relocation assistance. “I can do this!” “This is going to improve my life in so many ways!” and “Let’s do what needs to be done calmly and with intention, and all will be well.” These are just a few examples – find your own relocating mantras, the ones that will best work for you.
  2. Inspiration – Getting excited and filled with anticipation about your new home can help overcome the worry and blues you might feel at leaving the old one behind. So take time out to do some self relocation assistance, and make a list of all the reasons why you are relocating and what benefit they can and will bring to your life. Things like: a chance to start over, make new friends, experience things you never have before. If you are moving from city to country, it’s a chance to be in nature, to enjoy the quiet, to hear yourself think better. If moving from country to city, it’s an opportunity to have more excitement and adventure, walk more places instead of having to drive all the time to get anywhere, and probably the opportunity to experience more cultural diversity – in everything from your neighbors to the available cuisine. Every place has its advantages – look to them and start to build your excitement about relocating.
  3. Honoring your routines – The following is probably one of the most important relocation assistance tips you could get. It stems from the fact that one of the things that makes moving so difficult is that we leave behind our known routines, and often we fear going without the things we have come to know and love. So make it a priority, even before you begin relocating, to decide what things are most important to you that you insist on making time for. Is it your daily workout? So scout your new location for gyms, or running trails, or physical fitness clubs where you can find workout buddies. Is it a cup of coffee at a charming café? So again, scope the territory and see what’s on offer so you don’t have to go even a week in your new location without that ‘cuppa’ that gets you going. Perhaps you love to go browsing for antiques. Again, do the research and see where you will be able to spend some quality down time in antiquity stores. Knowing that you can take your favorite pastimes with you will make the whole move seem far less daunting, and will be the relocation assistance you need to keep you feeling well and balanced during and after relocating.

This is just a beginning, but if you start there you should feel much calmer, more centered and more excited than ever about the fresh start you are about to make.

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