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Kitchen appliances and long term storage

By: Sean Zharfati

Long term storage is perfectly safe for all kitchen appliances and may be the perfect storage solution for your long term needs. There are a few things to keep in mind when packing kitchen items and small electronic appliances before sending them off to a long term storage facility.

Kitchen appliances and storage

Keep it clean and dry

Kitchen appliances are in constant contact with food, so it’s important to clean and dry them well before putting them into long term storage. Take small appliances apart (wherever possible) and clean carefully around rubber rims and screw in bits. Food gets caught in the smallest spaces and mold will form wherever food is trapped, especially over a long period of time. Use cotton buds and toothpicks to get inside small spaces and dry appliances very well before packing.

Best materials for packing kitchen appliances for long term storage

Paper towels can be used to wrap small electronic parts like the blades of a blender or juicer. Small screws should be placed into snap lock plastic bags and taped to the appliance. Where possible, place appliances into their original boxes and secure them with styrene, foam or dry packing material. Bubble Pac is useful for wrapping glass or plastic blender jugs and delicate pieces.

Large Appliances

Large appliances such as microwave ovens or fridges also need to be cleaned and dried well. Tape doors closed for moving but if possible once the item is placed into its long term storage facility, tape doors open to allow for air circulation and avoid mold.  It’s best to remove shelves and internal pieces and pack them in paper separately, but remember to mark everything well so that unpacking can be as much fun as packing!

The benefits of storing kitchen appliances long term

Whether you’ve recently moved in with a friend and you both have a new bread machine or you were given two blenders for your house warming or engagement, long term storage facilities give us the option of keeping our appliances even if we don’t need them immediately. The day may come when you invest in a second home or your teenage children move to a new city or your fridge breaks down and you are not in a position to buy a new one. Long term storage offers a convenient and economical solution.


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