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Local Movers

By: Sean Zharfati

So – you’ve decided to make the big move. There are many things you will need to do to prepare for the big day, including choosing a local moving company, packing your belongings and deciding on storage if necessary.

As you will be moving locally, a completely different set of logistics is involved as opposed to moving internationally. Find the right local movers and your day will be smooth sailing; choose the wrong local moving company, and you may have a headache for many days to come.

Local movers should be familiar with the area in which you are living, and will know the best route to take between your old and new locations. An added bonus to hiring local movers is that you will be able to meet them in advance and even interview them if you so choose and you have the advantage of being able to manage the move yourself, rather than relying on someone, sight unseen, in an international location.

By searching for the different local moving companies in your area, you will be able to see what different services they offer; don’t be afraid to ask for special requirements you have, and be ready to negotiate for ‘extras’ that might be out of the scope of what they usually provide. You should ask the local movers if they handle storing your belongings that won’t be needed in the new location, and if they handle specialty items, such as musical instruments, or if you will need to contact specialized movers for those belongings.

You may be unnerved by stories you have heard from friends or neighbors who were not satisfied with the local moving companies they hired. Don’t be deterred! Local moving should not be a hassle. In fact, compared with international moving, which is far more complex and involves a great deal more consideration, local moving can honestly be a breeze – and experienced and professional local moving companies can help this to happen.

Your local movers don’t need special licenses for long distance travel, and in general, the logistics for local moving are fairly simple. You want a local moving company that will show up on time, be friendly and polite, treat your belongings with care – as if they were their own – find their way to the new location without accidents or mishaps, and then unload your belongings and place them carefully in their new home.

When making an international move, you enter a different ballgame, in which there are foreign rules and regulations to meet, customs considerations and often a language barrier to cross. But as you will be making a local move and dealing with local moving companies on this occasion, rest assured that with a bit of forethought and good planning, your moving day will be one that you will fondly remember.

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