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We Take the Hassle Out of Your New York Long Distance Move

If you need long distance relocation to or from the New York City area (including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, New Jersey, and many more), you have come to the right place.  Amazon Relocation Services is your long distance moving specialists!  We offer immediate on-call service for moves within New York State, as well as moves to Chicago, Boston or Florida.  Long distance is our bread-and-butter, and we have weekly scheduled routes that handle moves along the East Coast, cross-country to California and the West Coast, and all points in-between.
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We are flexible and committed to working within your schedule.  We can move you on weekends and holidays, at night, whenever you need.  If you’re ready to get started, please fill out our convenient online form for a free estimate, or call us at 1-888-668-3540 and talk to one of our relocation coordinators now!  We also have an extensive FAQ page that can answer a lot of common questions.  If you would like additional information, please keep reading to learn more about Amazon Relocation Services, NY’s number one long distance movers!

Handling long distance moves for the NYC area isn’t easy, but Amazon Relocation is staffed with the trained and experienced personnel to make it happen.  Our relocation coordinators are the first step in ensuring your move is accomplished quickly and efficiently; they will work with you on scheduling, arrange a free estimate of cost, and coordinate all of the minor details that go into making your move as successful as it can be.  It’s like having a personal assistant to take care of the busy work that can make relocation so tedious and frustrating!

On moving day, you’ll meet our talented and helpful moving specialists, the guys that do the really hard work of making certain your precious belongings survive the journey ahead of them.  Most are New York natives, live and work in the city, know their way around top to bottom, and can act as a local resource to ensure the trip goes smoothly.  We pride ourselves on hiring a team of moving specialists that will treat your things like they were their own.  Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, and that can only be met by treating each of our customers like they were family.  Our FAQs page and our helpful moving tips & packing advice will also be invaluable aides to helping your moving day go smoothly..

We have trucks of all sizes, and our New York-based fleet of interstate moving vehicles is well-maintained and constantly serviced in order to prevent vehicle breakdowns and delays.  Our drivers are expertly trained, experienced, and required to follow strict training and operational procedures; they undergo yearly medical examinations and periodic driving and drug tests to further guarantee that our professionals are safe and in compliance with all local and federal regulations.  When you add in our monthly safety & handling seminars, it’s no wonder that Amazon Relocation is ranked at or near the top of our industry.  We are NYC’s finest moving company!

We like to make estimates and billing easy for you: we charge by the cubic foot or by weight, whichever one you prefer.  When you speak with one of our relocation coordinators, they will take an inventory of your items and use that to create an estimate.  Then they will help you arrange all of the details of your move, including scheduling, packing & crating information, and directions.  We have included a number of helpful moving & packing tips here for easy reference.

Our commitment to making it easy for you doesn’t stop there.  Is there a gap between your move-out and move-in dates?  This is not uncommon, and at Amazon Relocation we are proud to have you covered.  We offer all of our customers one month of free storage, just in case you need a little extra time between locations.  We are one of the only NYC moving services companies to offer this convenience, and it’s just one more way that we can provide the best customer service around!  Need additional storage options?  We can help!

A long distance move might seem like chaos, but we pride ourselves on our ability to bring order to what can be a hectic and overwhelming day.  We are dedicated, experienced, and professional movers.  We work with you to figure out what you need, lock down the details, and get the job done – fast, efficient, safe, and at a price that makes sense.

Remember, we offer a free estimate: simply fill out our online estimate form to get started, or contact us at 1-888-668-3540 to speak to one of our very helpful relocation coordinators.

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