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So you are moving to Milford! Moving home can be an adventure and you are sure to be eagerly awaiting the day of your move. But before you start looking for Milford movers or Milford storage companies, it’s good to know some information about your new locale. This page will give you the lo-down on Milford to help you in forward planning.

Milford – Location and Neighborhoods

Milford is a small coastal town in Connecticut which has the privilege of a fourteen mile stretch of coastline facing the Long Island Sound. Just 67 miles north of New York City, Milford is just about a commutable distance for those who want the weekday buzz of the big city but the open space and serenity of nature reserved for the weekends.

Prominent neighborhoods include Devon, Morningside, the Downtown district and Silver Beach.

Important Places in Milford

As you’d anticipate within the confines of a small town, cultural opportunities are not what you’d expect in the big city but this doesn’t mean that Milford is a cultural desert. There are small collaborative art galleries and theatres to be enjoyed as well as cinema. One such example is the Milford Cultural Center which hosts events year round.

Also of cultural significance are the famous culinary specialties which are found only in coastal towns; as far as Milford goes the local delicacy is oyster and this is celebrated on the third Saturday of August each year in the shape of the annual Milford Oyster Festival whose events are centered around Milford Green.

Like other New England towns Milford also has a rich history and there are numerous historic sites dating back to colonial times, the independence war and the civil war.

The gem which makes Milford so special is Silver Sands State Park, 47 acres of protected beach, forest and marshland. The interior forest is home to egret and heron nests. A recently opened 1 mile boardwalk runs through the park offering views of the beach and the marshland. Glance over the pier during low tide and you’ll see dozens of tiny crabs doing what crabs do best, scuttling sideways!

Popular Living Areas in Milford

Morningside – This neighborhood is rich in historic landmarks and historic homes and is known primarily for both its luxurious homes and the spectacular views of the shoreline.

Silver Beach – The quiet community of Silver Beach is located along the shoreline and the homes cloistered along the beachfront often have signed saying “private beach” adorning the gates. Silver Beach is just a short distance from Silver Sands State Park.

Amazon Relocation Services in Milford

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