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So you are moving to Norwich! Moving home can be an adventure and you are sure to be eagerly waiting the day of your move. But before you start looking for Norwich movers or Norwich storage companies, it’s good to know some information about your new locale. This page will give you the low-down on Norwich to help you in forward planning.

Norwich- Location and Neighborhoods

The ‘Rose of New England’ is the lovely harbor city of Norwich, Connecticut where the Yantic, the Shetucket and the Quinebaug rivers flow into each other and from which the Thames River flows out south to Long Island South. It is located in the center of New London County, Connecticut, and boasts a population of some forty thousand plus people.

Due to its geographic location, from its early days, Norwich quickly became a center of the shipping trade, which it remained right up till the late eighteen hundreds. Today it remains a small but charming town with an active and warm community. It is close to the University of Connecticut, the University of New Haven, and Yale which makes it an ideal town for families. It is conveniently located less than twenty miles from Long Island South Beaches, twenty five miles from Rhode Island beaches and a short drive from New York City and Boston.

Important Places in Norwich

  • The magnificent Mohegan Park includes bike trails; pick nick spots, basketball courts and even a beach, plus playgrounds and a beautiful Rose Garden. Situated in the center of the Park are Mohegan monument and Spaulding Pond.
  • Leffingwell House museum – A restored New England Colonial house/museaum

Norwich also has a golf course, an ice rink, two of the world’s largest casinos and boating facilities.

Popular Living Areas in Norwich

  • Downtown – The Harbour is the central point of Downtown Norwich, which was once a major trade center.  It is home to the American Wharf,  a marina complex that offers casual dining facilities and evening entertainment on the magnificent harbor.
  • Norwichtown – On the north side of Norwich, this neighborhood boasts the most magnificent 18th and 19th C homes found on large grounds and gardens and the Norwichtown Historic District, including Mahogony Park and indian leap Park. It also boasts Norwichtown Mall, a commercial shopping center.
  • Taftville/Occum – In the north east part of Norwich, sit the milling neighborhoods which typically contain traditional Mill style housing, built along the river in the mid 1800’s.
  • Greenville – To the east-central side is the more densely populated Greenville, home to the thousands of workers employed in the milling industry.
  • Plain Hill – The residential area of Plain Hill is Wawecus Hill, which sits next to the rolling farmlands of Plain Hill. This is essentially a farmland and forest area.
  • East Side Area – The densely populated residential area sits south east of Norwich where houses crowd for views of the Thames and Shetucket Rivers.
  • West Side Area – New commercial developments and a more densely populated urban community live in the south west part of Norwich creating a center of diversity. The Casino and largest commercial shopping centers are located here.

Amazon Relocation Services in Norwich

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