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So you are moving to Stamford! Moving home is one the most important decision you’ll ever make. So before you jump in with both feet and start looking for Stamford movers or Stamford storage, you’d surely want to know some information about your new home. This page will give you some useful information about the city of Stamford to help you in planning ahead.

Stamford – Location and Neighborhoods

Stamford, CT is located in Fairfield County and sits on the north-eastern coast of the US facing Long Island. In terms of population, Stamford is the fourth largest city in the State of Connecticut and the eighth largest in New England. The quality of life is good in Stamford as one key indicator, crime rates, demonstrates; there have seen double digit decreases over recent years. In addition, nine out of ten residents hold a high school diploma and almost 45% a bachelor’s degree or higher; testifying to the high quality public education on offer in the city.

Stamford is comprised of roughly 45 vibrant neighborhoods which include Downtown and her historic district, The Cove, Eastside, Glenbrook and North Stamford. Harbor Point is a large scale waterfront redevelopment project that is reaching completion.

Important Places in Stamford

There are plenty of ways to spend recreational time in Stamford. Whether its time in one of the many public parks, or a trip to the opera. The Stamford Museum and Nature Center is a particular attraction in the northern end of town. Counted amongst its collection are a number of pieces by Gutzon Borglum, the sculptor who created Mount Rushmore.

Since 1954, Stargazers can join the Fairfield Astronomical Society which operates a 22-inch telescope based in Stamford. Finally the Sound Waters Community Center for Environmental Education is another site worth visiting.

Theatrical and live musical performance can be found at The Stamford Center for the Arts hosted in the Palace Theater, including performances by the Stamford Symphony Orchestra and the Connecticut Grand Opera.

Popular Living Areas in Stamford

Downtown – The Downtown neighborhood is the historical heart of Stamford and has been since colonial times and much of the neighborhood is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The central business district of Stamford containing a shopping mall and the headquarters of several large companies is found in Downtown as is the campus of the University of Connecticut.

East Side Located in the southern end of Stamford, this is a comfortable neighborhood of mostly modest homes. A not-for-profit organization founded in 2002, the East Side Partnership, aims to make East Side the next great neighborhood in Stamford. Numerous stakeholders have joined together to make Eastside “clean, safe and green”. The Farmer’s Market, offering fresh fruit and vegetables is just one project to have benefitted the area.

Harbor Point – Also set in the south end of Stamford, this neighborhood is home to both a large historic district, featuring buildings from the 1870’s, as well as a modern waterfront redevelopment which aims to take advantage of it location on the water across from New York City.

Amazon Relocation Services in Stamford

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