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The next stop is Delaware, time to get off the train! Moving home is exciting and daunting at the same time. So whilst you’ll be eagerly anticipating the day of your move, there’s sure to be tons of unanswered questions about your new hood. Our short guide gives you useful information about the state of Delaware; Its major cities and attractions, to help you prepare for your arrival.

Delaware – Location and Cities

The State of Delaware is the second smallest of the 50 states but also the sixth most densely populated. Situated on the north eastern coast of the USA, Delaware shares land borders with Maryland, New Jersey (just about, most of the border is along the Delaware River) and Pennsylvania.

From north to south, Delaware is split into three counties; New Castle, Kent and Sussex. The biggest city to be found in the State of Delaware is Wilmington, which is the focus of much of the state’s economy, helped in part by its short distance from commuters in Philadelphia and Baltimore. Sadly, hard times have arrived to some parts of the United States, but all counties of Delaware have experience growth over recent years.

Important Places in Delaware

As the first state to ratify the US constitution, Delaware can lay claim to historical significance which outweighs its small size, although only one battle of significance was fought on Delaware soil during the War of Independence.

Not famed for its culture,Delaware nonetheless plays host to several notable events and one place worth visiting, at least in the summer months in Rehoboth beach, which is popular with tourists and locals alike. The beach is the venue for the Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival, the Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival and the Rehoboth Beach International Film Festival.

Popular Living Areas in Delaware

Lower Highlands, Wilmington – The Lower Highlands neighborhood of Wilmington, backs ontoRockfordPark and contains within its boundaries theDelawareArt Museum. This district is popular with many demographics, whether young professionals, singles, families with small kids, or those who’ve already seen theirs fly the nest. Though there are limited shopping and dining opportunities, this locale scores highly on cost of living.
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Dover, Kent County – Set inKent county,Dover is the State capital ofDelaware and the second largest city. As host city for much of the state bureaucracy, the state government is one of the biggest employers in the city. This is a great place for young families with a good public education system.
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Bear, New Castle County – In the Northern Delawarecounty ofNew Castle, this city has a diverse population, home to professionals, singles, retirees and families with young children. Bear began as a small agricultural settlement to the south ofWilmington and grew steadily until a construction boom in the 1980s and 1990s. This is a small city and whilst there is some nightlife to enjoy, there are still plenty of places in Bear which are peaceful, quiet, clean and green.
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Amazon Relocation Services in Delaware

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