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So you are moving to Quincy! Moving home can be an adventure and you are sure to be eagerly awaiting the day of your move. But before you start looking for Quincy movers or Quincy storage companies, it’s good to know some information about your new locale. This page will give you the low-down on Quincy to help you in forward planning.

Quincy – Location and Neighborhoods

The city of Quincy is located at the Norfolk County of Massachusetts and it is the 8th largest city in the Massachusetts State. The birthplace of two US presidents – John Adams and his son, John Quincy Adams – it is also known as “City of Presidents”. Quincy is also named after John Quincy Adams and Colonel John Quincy, the grandfather of John Adams’ wife, Abigail Adams.

President John Adams

Quincy’s population is diversified ethnically and demographically. However, it is mostly characterized by proliferation of singles in their 20s and 30s with high education and professional occupations. Quincy also accommodates many urban sophisticates, and their tastes naturally influence Quincy’s neighborhoods and culture centers.

Important Places in Quincy

As expected of the City of Presidents, one of the most important places in Quincy is the Adams National Historical Park, the birthplace of two American Presidents, which preserves the birthplace of two American presidents and what believed to be the first presidential library. Quincy’s location on the Massachusetts Bay also provides some nautical places of notes such as the Marina Bay, a favorite seaside entertainment destination for the people of the neighboring Boston, and the U.S. Naval Shipbuilding Museum.

Popular Living Areas in Quincy

Adams Shore – Located on the shore of Quincy Bay the neighborhood was formerly a summer resort neighborhood, Adams Shore is now a year-round living area with more than 4,500 residents, mainly families and homeowners.

Germantown – Established in the 17th century as “Shed’s Neck”, an industrial community populated by German shipbuilders, the neighborhood which is located on a peninsula surrounded by Town River Bay, now currently offers the most affordable housing opportunities in Quincy MA.

Houghs Neck – An isolated one-square-mile living area surrounded by Quincy Bay, Hingham Bay and Rock Island Cove, the Neckers or God’s Country as it is known in Quincy, houses many families and extended families as well as new generation of residents who moved for the beach scenery.

Amazon Relocation Services in Quincy

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