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So you are moving to Hoboken! Moving home can be an exciting adventure and you are probably eagerly anticipating the start of a new chapter in your life. But before you start scouring the web for Hoboken movers or Hoboken storage, it’s useful to gather some information about your new hometown. This page will give you some useful information about Hoboken to help you in planning ahead.

Hoboken – Location and Neighborhoods

Known colloquially as ‘The Mile Square City’, Hoboken is a town in Hudson County, New Jersey that sits on the bank of the Hudson River, just across from New York City. Part of the New York Metropolitan Area and a hub for commercial shipping, Hoboken can claim legendary status as the site of the first recorded baseball game in US history.

Given its small size (2.011 square miles comprising just 48 streets) Hoboken can be considered one big neighborhood. The city is fourth most densely populated city in the United States

Important Places in Hoboken

Given its small size and shoreline location, the waterfront dominates the city. Historically, this area characterized the city and internationally renowned brands such as Lipton Tea and Maxwell House provided major sources of employment. With changing times, the waterfront became more or less abandoned by the mid-1970s and is now the focus of major redevelopment and regeneration projects.

For such a small area, there are a number of public parks. One such park is dedicated to the memory of Hoboken’s most famous resident- the late, great Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra Park is a stretch of land facing the former site of the World Trade Center, which was set up to dedicate his memory. Attractions here include a football pitch and café. There is also a park at Pier A. Originally used for ships the pier now leads to Hoboken Island a memorial for those murdered on Sep 11 2001.

Popular Living Areas in Hoboken

Since the late 1970s Hoboken has undergone radical changes, transforming from a, middle to low-income post-industrial neighborhood into a spillover for those living and working in nearby Manhattan. Hoboken is now considered a desirable location for artists, suburbanites, newcomers from across the US and others looking to take advantage of the opportunities available in NYC and its close surrounds. Perhaps its best summarized as follows; a generation ago Hoboken was the place to come if you wanted to buy live chickens, now it’s a town filled with boutique stores and luxury condos!

Amazon Relocation Services in Hoboken

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