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New Rochelle

So you are moving to New Rochelle! Moving home can be an adventure and you are sure to be keenly anticipating the your move. However, before you start searching for New Rochelle movers or New Rochelle storage companies, it’s good to know some information about the town you’ll be calling home. Our short guide will give you the key information on New Rochelle to help you in planning for your move.

New Rochelle – Location and Neighborhoods

New Rochelle is located at the south-western tip of Westchester County in New York State and sits on the coast on the Long Island Sound. New Rochelle is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty and this has guided town planners as the city has grown from its humble beginnings as a refuge from religious persecution in France.

Despite is relatively small size there are numerous neighborhoods within New Rochelle, and the distinct areas are each with their own charm whether on account of the architectural style, the proximity to the coastline. Given New Rochelle’s open spaces and spectacular views it’s far from surprising that the city is one of the most affluent in the US with both median household income and property prices well ahead of the state and national values.

Important Places in New Rochelle

New Rochelle has an impressive collection of parks, public spaces, historical sites and nature reserves.

One of the most culturally significant sites is the Thomas Paine Historical Site, which comprises the country home of the legendary American pamphleteer and revolutionary, his burial site, a monument and the museum of the Thomas Paine Historical Society.

An interesting place to see is the Execution Rock Lighthouse, just south of Davids’ Island on the Long Island sound. The rumored, though false, explanation of this site is that prior to the War of Independence, the British authorities would chain individuals to the rocks during low tide, leaving these unfortunate souls to drown as the tide steadily climbed back to its highpoint. In reality, the site gets its name from the sharp rocks exposed during low tides and the inherent danger this posed to passing ships. The lighthouse itself dates from 1849.

Many of the sites you’ll want to visit are located on New Rochelle’s coastline, such is it’s the natural beauty and awe-inspiring views. One such place is Echo Bay, home to a yacht club as well as simply beautiful scenery.

Although dwarfed by New York City in terms of culture, New Rochelle isn’t without a nice collection of independent theatres, art galleries and its own opera company which stages productions throughout the year.

Popular Living Areas in New Rochelle

Downtown – In common with many urban locations, Downtown, New Rochelle is undergoing a renaissance but this area has the added attraction of views of the waterfront which is itself just a short walk away. A venue for boutique shops, hotels, restaurants, the main public library and small cafes and delis, you won’t be short of things to do if you choose this location.

Glenwood Lake – built during the mid-1920s Glenwood Lake is a community of fairly small lots comprising modest housing. A part of this neighborhood is what used to be the Bergholtz Estate. This was sold in the 1920s and promptly subdivided and built upon. The resulting houses are in a number of styles, primarily Colonial, Tudor and Mediterranean.

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