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So you are moving to Poughkeepsie! Moving home can be an adventure and you are sure to be eagerly awaiting the day of your move. But before you start looking for Poughkeepsie movers or Poughkeepsie storage companies, it’s good to know some information about your new locale. This page will give you the low-down on Poughkeepsie to help you in forward planning.

Poughkeepsie – Location and Neighborhoods

The city of Poughkeepsie is found in New York State’s Hudson River Valley and is located midway between New York City and the state capital Albany.

The city is broken into several neighborhoods; Academy Street Historic District, Arlington, College Hill, Cottage Street, Downtown, Fairview, Main Mall Row, Main Street, South Avenue and Waterfront.

Important Places in Poughkeepsie

One of the most famous institutions in Poughkeepsie is Vassar College, a liberal-arts college which was originally founded as women only institution but is now co-educational (as of 1969). Vassar was the sister of Yale University but declined to formally merge, preferring to retain its independent status as a co-educational college. Vassar is rated as one of the top-20 universities in the country.

Meanwhile, if you head to the Downtown district you’ll find the Bardavon 1869 Opera House, the oldest continuously operating theater in New York State. Although the Bardavon was run mainly as a movie-theatre for fifty or so years (1923-75), there were still some live performances during this period. The Bardavon was threatened with demolition during the mid 1970s until concerned resident banded together and succeeded in getting the venue placed on the Nation Register of Historic Places, which led to increased funding and a partial restoration of the building before re-opening as a venue for live performance. The Barvadon is the home of the Hudson Valley Philharmonic.

One other great location in Poughkeepsie is the public library. The library has a lot more to offer than books to be borrowed; it hosts exhibitions and events and is a wonderful resource for finding out about local events and amenities.

Popular Living Areas in Poughkeepsie

Millbrook – this neighborhood is certainly one of the most affluent villages in the Poughkeepsie area but it is also considered up there with the wealthiest districts in the state of New York which means frequent comparison with the Hamptons. Founded by Quakers, Millbrook hosts the finer institutions of higher learning including the Culinary Institute of America, Vassar College and Bard College. Millbrook is also home to a Millbrook Vineyard and Winery. Although most housing stock in the area consists of single-family homes, there are some apartments available and a small rental market.

Spackenhill – Close to the center of this Poughkeepsie neighborhood is a wide open space, which offers residents the opportunity to take part in all manner of recreational acitvities; including picnics, bike rides and kite flying. Again most of Spackenhill’s housing stock consists of single family homes, with a limited apartment and rental market, found more commonly on the west side of the neighborhood.

Fairview – is a hamlet found in Poughkeepsie which can be found just north of Downtown. A segment of the Marist College campus can be found in Fairview as is St Francis Hospital. Inwood Lake in the north-west of the neighborhood offers both boating and fishing whilst College Hill Park, due south of Fairview is large green space for recreational purposes.

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