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Westchester County

If you’re moving to Westchester then you’ve made a good choice. Moving home isn’t just about exchanging your bricks and mortar it’s also an adventure which heralds the writing of a new page in your life-story. Long before you start considering Westchester movers or Westchester storage companies, it’s worthwhile to learn something about where you’ll be residing. This short guide will introduce you to Westchester County and help you with planning your move.

Westchester – Location and Neighborhoods

Westchester County covers an area of 450 square miles and is located in the Hudson Valley, perched on the southern end of New York State, just north of New York City.  The Southern towns such as Yonkers and New Rochelle have the added bonus of being on the Doorstep of New York City, meaning you’re close enough to the hustle and bustle but can opt in or out as you wish. Westchester County also borders the states of Connecticut and New Jersey

Most suburban areas are also associated with affluence and Westchester is no different being the second most prosperous locale in New York State (behind New York City) and he seventh most prosperous US-wide. Where ever you’re headed in Westchester, chances are you’re headed in the right direction.

Important Places in Westchester

The city of Yonkers, just a few miles north of the Bronx contains a number of attractions including the Hudson River Museum. An innovative museum is the Science Barge, a floating exhibit on sustainable living that is also doubles as a working farm!

In New Rochelle one can find the Thomas Pain Historical Site a historical enclave within the city which commemorates the Pamphleteer and revolutionary War hero. The site contains Paine’s country home, his burial site, a museum and a monument.

From all the places you might want to visit, one other interesting spot is the Mount Kisco Farmers’ Market a modest venue for wholesome foods which attracts sellers from as far afield as Long Island.

Popular Living Areas in Westchester

Chappaqua – founded in the 1730’s by Quaker settlers the Hamlet of Chappaqua is a small area in the middle of Westchester County, conveniently located just 31 miles from Manhattan. The advantages of living in Chappaqua are numerous; its neighborhoods are quiet, population density is low and there hamlet contains much undeveloped land within the district boundaries. There’s an excellent public school system and Chappaqua easily retains its reputation as one of the most quiet and desirable suburbs.

Hastings-on-Hudson – A quiet village found on the eastern bank of the Hudson river Hastings-on-Hudson commands spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline. The waterfront, once home to a bustling industrial center and later to dilapidated factories long abandoned as places of work, has recently been transformed into a location for restaurants, parks and sports facilities. As a sanctuary for writers, artists and academics the small community remarkably boasts five Nobel laureates. Just 38 minutes by train to Grand Central Station this is a perfect place for those who want to work in New York City but retire to the peace and quiet of the suburbs once the work day is done.

Amazon Relocation Services in Westchester

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