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So you are moving to Allentown! Moving home can be an exciting adventure and you are sure to be looking forward to the day of your move. But before you start looking for Allentown movers or Allentown storage companies, it’s good to know some information about your new hometown. This page will give you the lo-down on Allentown to help you in forward planning.

Allentown – Location and Neighborhoods

The city of Allentown is located in Lehigh county of Pennsylvania state and is close to the border with the neighboring state of New Jersey. In terms of population, Allentown is the third largest city in Pennsylvania behind Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Allentown has historical significance as it was in this city that the Liberty Bell (known then as Pennsylvania State House Bell) was hidden from the British during the War of Independence. The location where the bell was hidden now houses the Liberty Bell Museum.

Allentown’s neighborhoods are grouped together into five larger districts; Center City, East Side, South Side, The Wards and West End. Center City contains the Downtown neighborhood and the historic district of Old Allentown.

Important Places in Allentown

The Allentown Symphony Hall is home to the Allentown Symphony Orchestra. The city is also well-known for its concert bands with the Allentown Band, the Marine Band of Allentown and the Pioneer Band of Allentown all performing regularly at the bandstand in the city’s West Park.

Art also has a significant place in Allentown which is home to the Baum School of Art which offers both credit and non-credit classes in a number of artistic disciplines such as painting, drawing, ceramics and fashion design. Allentown also has its own art museum the Allentown Art Museum, which holds a vast collection of over 13,000 pieces and also has its own library.

The Civic Theater of Allentown has staged productions for over 80 years and is also home to a cinema which specializes in art, foreign and idependent cinema. The Civic Theater also offers educational programs.

Popular Living Areas in Allentown

Downtown – This is the heart of the city; the hub of business activity and entertainment in Allentown. The neighborhood contains most of the notable cultural venues in the city including; the Allentown Symphony Hall, the Liberty Bell Museum, Heritage Museum, Lehigh County Historical Society and the Baum School of the Arts.

A major urban renewal scheme is underway planned for the central business district. The plan envisages the construction of a new stadium venue and new office buildings. Another central component of the plan is the construction of a 160-room hotel and the project is scheduled for completion in 2014.

Union Terrace – This small community in Allentown consists mainly of apartments, bungalows, small row homes and less often Victorian-style houses. Nice additional features of the neighborhood are the farmers market which serves the community as well as two public schools. The neighborhood also has great connections with public transport.

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