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Moving over summer

By: Sean Zharfati

Packing up house and moving in summer can be about as much fun as watching your kids eat an ice-pop on your new sofa on a hot summer’s day. We like to think of it as a mixed blessing. But here are some moving tips that could help your long distance moving plan go a little smoother in the hot months.

Moving over Summer

Moving over Summer

Going the distance

Long distance moving requires a certain marathon like stamina. Keep in mind; you are in this for the long term gain. There will be obstacles no doubt, but always keep your eye on the goal and know that once you arrive at your destination, and see your relocation moving company men waiting for you with a smile and a truck full of undamaged furniture, even though your speedometer may have melted on the way and your children may have drawn blood to the soundtrack of “I swear today I’m not doing anything” by the ever annoying Bruno Mars, it will all be worth it when you collapse into bed in a comatosed state for a week with a perfect excuse for not doing anything.

It really is a marathon, so keep up your fluids.

Packing your Vehicle

Packing up your car for the long distance moving trip can be as much fun as packing up your house, only smaller and with less space. If you are traveling with kids, you will need a calmative, an alcoholic beverage (not for the driver of course, who has a steering wheel and a horn), and a good pair of headphones. If you don’t have kids but do have pets the same applies.  If you are traveling with friends, a lover or a spouse, make sure to take along an adapter so you can plug your iPod into the car speakers and all enjoy the music. Make sure to delete Bruno’s Mars “I sweat today I’m not doing anything’ soundtrack because it will make you want to go home and get back into bed.

Drink plenty of water and take a pillow.

Also check your vehicle well before you leave, packing a spare few liters of oil and a big bottle of water in the trunk. Check your tire air pressure and drive safely, stopping at least every hour to stretch your legs and take a short break. Be sure to keep a close eye on your temperature gauge especially on hot days. When it reaches high, stop the car, fry an egg on the hood and wait for roadside services.

Moving tips to keep cool

Crank up the air conditioner, stop to buy ice-pops at every service station along the way and arrive at your destination after the sun goes down. But invite you friends to arrive a few hours earlier so by the time you arrive all the unpacking and packing is done.

Familiarize yourself with your closest Pizza joint and stop to grab a few pizzas and a few cold beers to distribute to all who helped or to drink after the kids collapse, to celebrate your new home.

Plug your fridge in as soon as you arrive and stack it full of cold beverages for the busy days ahead.

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