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Moving to a Smaller Space

By: Sean Zharfati

There are many reasons why folks end up moving to a smaller place. Sometimes their children are out of the house and there is no reason for two people to keep living in a home that was suitable for twice as many or more. Sometimes for financial reasons people choose to downsize; and sometimes when moving to a more expensive neighborhood, it ends up that only a smaller place is affordable.

moving tips-moving to a smaller house
Whatever the reason, there are some important tips for those of you who are moving from a larger to a smaller home, and these can help make the move easy, efficient and with as little annoyance and irritation as possible.



Moving Tips for Downsizing

  1. Decide what you actually need. When we have a big space, we often tend to collect stuff – presents that we never really liked but didn’t want to offend the giver by getting rid of; old clothes and accessories; hobbies we thought to take up but which, after a few weeks, got shoved aside. This is an excellent time to go through all of that clutter and decide – realistically – what has a place in our new life and home, and what doesn’t.
  2. One of the great moving tips is: Sell, sell, sell. Sometimes what keeps us from getting rid of unnecessary items is the regret at having spent good money on something that turned out to be useless. That pair of bell bottomed pants you bought when they came back into style; the coat that fit you so well, but the color makes you look pale and washed out; that large glass bowl that was for the parties you never ended up having. All of these things, so costly, are difficult to part with – it’s like admitting once and for all we wasted our money. So instead of holding on to them, sell them! Altogether, they could bring in a nice little sum of money that can be spent on decorating your new home and wardrobe with items that you’ll find truly useful.
  3. Go through positively everything in your home now, and decide where it’s going to go in your new home – and make sure there is a place for it! While you may have been focusing until now on the living space of your new house, it’s time to think closets and storage space. Perhaps you have an attic or basement where you are currently living, but not in the new home. Your new bedroom closet might be twice as small as the one you have now, which means your stuff simply isn’t going to fit. This is a very important step in deciding what you will be taking with you, and what you’ll be leaving behind.
  4. One of the most important moving tips is to find a reputable moving and storage company. In the end, you’ll find that there are things you can’t fit into the new space, but still can’t bear to part with – at least not yet. These items can go temporarily into storage, while you decide whether you can actually live without them or not. If you plan in the future to move into a larger abode, they’ll wait until you can happily be reunited. You’re not alone – moving and storage often go hand in hand; it’s why such services were developed in the first place.

It’s often hard to start, but once you do, you’ll find the task gets easier and easier. Follow these moving tips and your head will clear as decisions are made. And, as you reduce clutter from your life, you’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to enter your new home several pounds lighter!


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