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We Help Make NYC Moves Go Smoothly!

Planning & preparation are the keys to making your move go as smoothly as possible. A lot of the anxiety and frustration of a move can be eliminated if you simply go into your moving day with a solid plan. Whether your move takes you to New York, out of NYC, or anywhere else, here are some helpful moving & packing tips that will make things easier for you:

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General Helpful Hints

  • Have all supplies ready prior to your moving day, including boxes, newspaper & bubblewrap, packing tape, scissors, and a marking pen.
  • If you don’t need it, don’t pack it! Many people use moving as an opportunity clean house and get rid of unneeded items; these things can be disposed of, given away, or offered up in a garage sale.
  • Make lists of everything you pack – use a spiral notebook or your computer to help you keep track of everything and help ensure nothing goes missing.
  • Use your luggage for packing, particularly for clothes and personal items.
  • Label your boxes. Clearly mark them with the room they go in, and don’t mix items for different rooms in one box.
  • Securely tape all boxes. Tape the bottom and the top tightly, with two strips of tape along the side and one down the center. If the box still feels weak, apply additional tape for support.
  • Pack by weight. Use small boxes for heavy items and large boxes for light-weight, bulky items.
  • Wrap small or fragile items individually, particularly glass/crystal keepsakes, pictures, glassware, pottery, etc.
  • You can prevent loose items becoming damaged through shifting or rubbing by packing boxes solid with newspaper or dish & bathroom towels; concentrate on the top, bottom, and sides of each box.
  • Fill each box completely, all the way to the top. This provides maximum protection for contents against being crushed when boxes are stacked on top one another.
  • Keep your cleaning supplies handy and together – they are often the first items you will need at your new location.
  • Please remember not to pack the following items, as Amazon Relocation Services will not accept liability or responsibility for the following items:
    – Money, securities, valuable papers or jewelry. Keep these items with you at all times.
    – Flammable items including aerosol cans, paint, gasoline, etc.
    – Perishable items including frozen foods, produce, house plants, etc..

Check out our page on our New York long distance moving services for additional packing information. If you’re not ready to move all of your items into your new location, we can help with New York City’s best storage services!

Personal Belongings

  • Carry needed medication, important documentation, and any immediately necessary items on your person or close at hand.
  • Money, securities, valuable papers, and jewelry should be kept with you at all times.


  • Use your luggage to pack as many clothing items as you can.
  • Empty all dresser drawers completely, and secure any loose doors/drawers.
  • Place hanging clothes in wardrobe boxes, which are specifically designed to efficiently transport your clothing.
  • The bottom of wardrobe boxes can be used to hold shoes, either loose or in their original boxes.

Dishes, China, & Fragile Items

  • Begin with a padded base – cushion the bottom of the box with rolled up newspaper or bubblewrap.
  • Wrap each piece individually. Plates may be separated by a sheet of bubblewrap or several layers of flat paper.
  • Flatware should be bundled in sets of five, and each bundle wrapped securely.
  • Cushion the top and sides of each box with paper or bubblewrap to prevent shifting. Shake each box gently – the contents should not shift or rattle.

Lamps, Electronics, & Electrical Items

  • If possible, use the original box to pack electronics items. If the original box is not available, wrap electronics items in bubble wrap and pack them in the smallest box possible. Avoid packing multiple electronics items in one big box.
  • Use small pieces of tape to label wiring – this will help make the re-installation go much quicker.
  • For record players, secure the tone arm and dust cover with tape.
  • For CD, DVD, and cassette players, empty them prior to packing.
  • For personal computer equipment, it’s a good idea to backup all important files prior to any move.
  • For small appliances, secure any loose doors/drawers and wrap them in bubble wrap.

Our relocation coordinators have additional tips: call us at 1-888-668-3540, or get started with a free quote using our online estimate form.