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So you’re about to wake up to a Chelsea morning – every morning! Uprooting yourself and deciding to make a new beginning – especially by moving to New York – is truly an exciting adventure. In fact, you’re probably anxious and eager at the same time. But just before you start the search for Chelsea movers, perhaps you’d like to get the skinny on your soon-to-be-new home. Here we’ll fill you in on some key facts that will assist you as you plan for what comes after the move.

Chelsea – Location

Chelsea is a well-known neighborhood in the island of Manhattan, a borough of New York City. Located on the west side, it runs from around 30th street on its northernmost end, to 14th street on the southernmost. Just below it is Greenwich Village; just above is Clinton (otherwise known as Hell’s Kitchen); the Hudson River is to the west, and the Flatiron District is to the west.

Important Places in Chelsea

A residential neighborhood, for the most part, Chelsea is home to diverse ethnic groups as well as a thriving artist community. Over 350 galleries are located there, as well as a bevy of retail stores and trendy restaurants. Art lovers will be thrilled to find that Chelsea contains the Rubin Museum of Art, the Chelsea Art Museum, and New York Live Arts. The Kitchen is also a well-loved institution, with its alternative theatrical projects. Other not-to-be-missed sites include the Chelsea Market for some tantalizing delicacies, the Peter McManus Café, one of New York’s oldest bars that is still owned and run by a family operation, and the infamous Hotel Chelsea.

Popular Living Areas in Chelsea

Residents live throughout the neighborhood in a variety of housing types: there are blocks of apartments, low-income housing projects sponsored by the city, row houses that have been renovated, townhouses for those with higher incomes, and even tenement housing. A great deal of real estate development has been happening in the western part of the neighborhood. Two deluxe buildings, as an example, are the HL23 and the Highline 519.

Amazon Relocation Services in Chelsea

Now that we’ve covered some of the Chelsea basics, let’s see if we can help with your actual moving plans. You will probably be seeking Chelsea movers to get you there, and Amazon Relocation wants to be the one to make your move as easy, simple and pleasurable as possible. Moving to New York can be a scary thing and Amazon Relocation wants to allay all the doubts and concerns you may have and accompany you every step of the way through the move until you are settled in your new home. Our movers can assist you in every detail, from planning and packing, through insuring your goods, deciding about storage, and ultimately unpacking in your new home. One of New York’s premier moving services, we know Chelsea like our own backyard, and we can help you to feel at home there, too. So after checking out what Chelsea movers are available, call us so we can show you what we can do for you to guide you through the process of moving to New York.

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