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Staten island

Staten Island here you come! NYC moving is a dream for many people, so congratulations. Now, before you start looking for Staten Island movers and Staten Island storage, it’s a good idea to do some reconnaissance on the place itself. Here we will tell you a bit more about the Island, places to live there and things to do, so you can begin to build excitement for the adventure that awaits you.

Staten Island – its Location and Neighborhoods

Of all the boroughs of New York, Staten Island is the most like a suburb – probably sharing more in common with neighboring New Jersey, than the four remaining boroughs. Found on the map in the southwest area of New York City, the New York Bay sits between the island and other parts of NYC.

On the North Shore of Staten Island one finds the most citified area. This contains neighborhoods such as St. George, Stapleton, Clifton and Tompkinsville, where you will find historic districts with magnificent homes built in the Victorian style. For homes that say ‘suburbia’ you would look more to the South Shore of the island, with neighborhoods such as Woodrow, Pleasant Plains, Tottenville and Charleston. On the East Shore, one can find of the longest boardwalks in the world. Neighborhoods there include Oakwood Beach, Midland Beach, South Beach and Richmond.

Important Places in Staten Island

You won’t be in want of interesting things to do in Staten Island. Try one of the newer attractions – the Chinese Scholar’s Garden, reminiscent of the ones that existed back in the Ming Dynasty era. The Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden offers an opportunity to visit art galleries, get a taste of Chinese and Italian cultures, wander through exquisite gardens and hear about maritime history. Historic Richmond Town is a fascinating collection of 28 buildings, each a landmark preservation site and located on beautiful grounds. For military buffs, Fort Wadsworth had a role to play as far back as the American War of Independence and later the Civil War.  Today it is run by the National Parks Service and is a lovely place to get a sense of history and receive a tour by a park ranger. And of course, there’s the Staten Island Ferry, which runs regularly back and forth between Staten Island and Manhattan – good for transportation, or simply as a nice boat ride!

Popular Living Areas in Staten Island

Many people prefer the North Beach, where even if you can’t afford a Victorian mansion you might be in closer proximity to one. The area also boasts a nice selection of restaurants. Emerson Hill, Todt Hill and Shore Acres are beautiful but costly areas to live in. Grymes Hill has two colleges in the vicinity, so the area feels youthful and vibrant, and is a popular place to live. The area of Westerleigh is great for commuters to Manhattan. Tottenville on the South Shore is known for being quiet, with a decent amount of culture, an historic colonial park and a terrific library – not to mention being right on the shore.

Amazon Relocation Services in Staten Island

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