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Packing & Moving Supplies

By: Sean Zharfati

You’ve set the date for the big move and hired your moving company. What’s next? Well, clearly you have to start thinking about packing up all of your belongings so that they are ready for the big day. It may seem like a massive chore awaits you, but rest assured, if you attain all the right moving supplies in advance and know what to expect, getting your home ready for relocation can be an easy, even enjoyable task.

First on the list of moving supplies: packing boxes! You will need boxes in several sizes; larger boxes are excellent for clothes, bedding and other light-weight items. Small to medium sized boxes are good for books, CDs, kitchenware, flatware and other similar belongings. However many boxes you think you might need, add on another 10-15, and make sure to leave some empty boxes for the very last day, to pack any last odds and ends that were neglected.

High on the list of important packing supplies is a strong tape – duct tape or electrical tape is ideal.

Third on the list of moving supplies: bubble wrap! One of the most worrisome elements of moving is the fear of one of our beloved items breaking on the trip. Fragile items such as ornaments, candles, pictures, mirrors, etc. should be thoroughly wrapped in bubble wrap, which will protect them during the bumps and jostling that is part of any move. And of course, think of all the fun you’ll have later, when going through your packing boxes and popping the bubble wrap! In addition to the bubble wrap, or instead of, if you can’t get your hands on any, old newspapers should be on any list of packing supplies. A month or so before the move, start stockpiling them. Newspapers are wonderful for packing delicate items such as kitchenware and baubles, and make great filler for boxes that aren’t completely full, so that the items inside won’t jostle around and get hurt.

Another crucial item on your list of moving supplies: Large permanent marker. There’s nothing like arriving at your new location with 50 boxes, and not knowing what’s in each! To prevent this headache, clearly mark the outside of each of your packing boxes with what’s inside, and try to pack items from the same room together, so your movers can place the boxes in their rightful place.

After attaining all of your packing supplies, it’s time to… start packing! Be sure not to fill any box too full, or make it too heavy. While the moving company can handle the weight, the box itself may not be able to, and you don’t want to run the risk of having a box collapse on moving day. Also, don’t skimp on tape – use it not only to seal the top of the boxes, but to reinforce any seam you think might need the extra support.

By following these few simple suggestions, you’ll be able to vacate the old premises and enter the new in a fresh, positive frame of mind.

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