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Post Moving Checklist

By: Sean Zharfati

You’ve been so focused on the relocation itself, that now you’re home you may be wondering, ‘what’s next?’

Not to worry, we’re here to provide you with a post moving checklist that can help take some of the wonder away, and provide you with solid action items to help you on your way.

post moving checklist

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Arranging House and Belongings

  • First thing on our post moving checklist is to unpack all of your belongings, see that everything is in good, working condition, and put them away in their new place. Depending how many belongings you took with you, it might feel a bit overwhelming – don’t be afraid to designate a room in the house, or even a corner, for the ‘let’s get to that later’ pile.
  • Most important to unpack will be your kitchen items, clothing, administrative paperwork, valuables, clothes and whatever items will make the new house feel like ‘home’ to you.
  • If, during the unpacking, you find that something was hurt or broken during relocation, now is the time to act. Hopefully you took out insurance, or it was included as part of the deal with your movers; but most likely you have only a certain window in which to report the damage and claim your compensation.

Reporting your New Address

You may have taken care of this in advance, but if not, the next item of the post moving checklist is a list of important places with whom to be in touch:

  • Utilities – you want to make sure that the electric company, water supplier, etc. all have your post-relocation address.
  • Department of Motor Vehicles – to receive a new driver’s license
  • Insurance carriers – health, life, fire, pension – any and all need to be contacted to ensure you will be properly billed.
  • Post Office – this one may be worth a trip in person, to see that you are registered there and to double check that your forwarding address is being used to send any mail that will arrive at your old address.

Becoming Part of the Neighborhood

Once you’ve gone through the first two categories of the post moving checklist, you can move on to getting truly acclimated in your new neighborhood:

  • If you have school-age children, you’ll want to register them at their new school.
  • Tour the neighborhood and see what services are available to you – pick up some take-out menus from the restaurants that deliver, and of course find the nearest pizza place. Get business cards or refrigerator magnets from stores and service providers whom you may wish to call in advance, to make an appointment or check on hours of operation.
  • Find your local library and take out a card for each member of the family.
  • If you like to attend religious services, see what facilities are available in your area and announce your new presence in the neighborhood.

Of course these are only just the beginning – but a good beginning is an excellent place to start, and soon you’ll be feeling that wonderful settlement of finally being home.

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