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Summer Moving Promotion

Planning to move in the summer?

Pay off-season moving rates!

Book your move 30 days in advance and get 10% discount on both local moving and long distance moving rates.

Amazon Relocation is helping you to save money on your summer moving.

moving homeWe know that summer is the busiest moving season, and that for most of our clients the summer is the best time to relocate, if not the only time.

Summer is the season when the weather is more predictable, the kids are out of school or on their way to college, when a lot of couples get married and move in together and many people sell their old homes and move to new ones.

We want to help you save on your moving and we offer 10% discount on any move – local moving in NYC or long distance moving along the East Coast, to the West Coast or in between – as long as it booked at least 30 days in advanced. So, if you plan to move this summer, hurry up, book your move with Amazon Relocation and pay off-season rates.

The summer promotion ends on July 31.