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Questions to Ask a Moving Company in Brooklyn

Questions to Ask a Moving Company in Brooklyn

Moving is rare to some people for they can only move once in their whole lifetime or never move at all. This makes it a bit difficult to familiarize with the moving process should you want to move. People come in and move out of Brooklyn yearly. They do this with the help of moving companies in Brooklyn. However, for those who have never had an experience with Brooklyn moving companies, it is important to note that there are some questions that should be asked before a moving contract is signed. Some of these questions are discussed below here.

  • Do you Work for the Mover or you are a broker?

The first question to ask the moving company’s marketer is whether he/she works for the moving company or they are just brokers. This will help you in knowing whom you dealing with.

  • Does the Quote include Extra Charges?

While dealing with a moving company over the phone, you might be given a quotation that does not include extra charges and you end up paying more when moving. Enquiring on whether the quotation covers extra charges will make you arrange for the needed money.

  • Will my Items be transferred?

Moving from Brooklyn to a distant state may require your items to be transferred from one truck to another at some point. It is therefore important to know whether they will be transferred or not. Unnecessary transfer of items may increase the chances of getting damages.

  • Will my items be insured?

Insurance is a key feature of Brooklyn moving companies. It is important to enquire whether the company has insurance and if it is included in the quote provided.

  • What will happen if some of my Items get Lost?

Just ask and confirm from the company offering moving and storage services in Brooklyn on what steps will be taken if your items get lost.


Moving to Brooklyn has been made easier by the moving companies offering exemplary services here, and we, Amazon Relocation, are happy to be such moving company.