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Our Storage Services

Amazon Relocation is one of the only moving companies in NYC that offers free storage solutions for one month. If there is a gap between your move-out and your move-in dates, we will store your belongings in a safe and clean storage unit, on our account, for up to one month.

Why use Storage Services?

Storage solutions are commonly required when moving. Many people who are moving have to clear their old locations before they can move into their new locations, and while they can crash at their friends’ or family’s homes for a while, what can they do with their furniture? Amazon Relocation provides storage solutions exactly for these not uncommon situations.

Storage services

There are many other circumstances in which storage services are in need. If you are remodeling your house, downsizing or traveling abroad and subletting your apartment, you might want to relocate some of your belongings for a limited time. Either way, it is better to have your moving and storing done under one roof, especially when one-month storage is provided to you by the moving company, free of charge.

Why Store with Amazon Relocation?

Moving is a stressful experience and often results in unplanned expenses. Furthermore, a gap between the moving schedules usually adds to the general stress and costs. We offer one month of free storage, hoping it will ease moving for you. For us, it is just another way in which we can provide the best customer service around.

If you are moving to a temporary location, just pack a few clothes and your personal belongings and let us take care of the rest. We will carefully and efficiently move all your belongings – furniture, bedding, housewares, toys, books, musical instruments and artwork – to a clean, safe and free storage solution. Once your new home is ready to be occupied, we will move it all back – without charging you for the one month of storage.