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Moving over summer

By: Sean Zharfati Packing up house and moving in summer can be about as much fun as watching your kids eat an ice-pop on your new sofa on a hot summer’s day. We like to think of it as a mixed blessing. But here are some moving tips […]

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Moving from NY to LA

By: Sean Zharfati Your relocation services can help you with many practical aspects of your long distance move but adjusting to a west coast lifestyle requires a certain temperament, one that is almost exactly the opposite as the one you needed to survive in New York City. So […]

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Moving and living in Pennsylvania

By: Sean Zharfati There are a few very important things your moving company recommends you know about Pennsylvania before you decide that long distance moving to this state is for you. Pennsylvania has its own language. It’s called Pennsylvania Dutch, and it derives from the West central German […]

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From the Big Apple to Boston

By: Sean Zharfati Making the move from NYC to Boston – some service tips from your moving company! Time your trip well Boston is about a three and a half hour to four hour, 220 mile north east drive from NYC. Your long distance moving company will probably […]

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