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How to calculate your storage space

By: Sean Zharfati Few tips to figure out how much storage space you need when moving furniture to a storage facility: How long is a piece of string? Of course the size of storage facility you take will depend on the amount of furniture you want to put […]

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Sell, Store or Give away?

By: Sean Zharfati If you are nearing your move, one of the questions undoubtedly going through your mind is what to do with all of your stuff? Some will go with you, but what about the items that either won’t fit or that you aren’t sure if you […]

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Simple storage

By: Sean Zharfati As if you didn’t have enough to worry about with your big move coming up, now you have to concern yourself with storage solutions as well! Don’t worry – you’re neither the first nor the last to find that when moving storage becomes an issue. […]

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What to avoid shipping with your moving company

By: Sean Zharfati Most of the time, as we start packing for the big move, we focus on what we will be sending with our moving company. But it’s equally important to consider what not to send! There are a number of items that are either not safe […]

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