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8 reasons to NOT pack and move on your own!

By: Sean Zharfati We have all entertained the somewhat ridiculous idea that we don’t have THAT much furniture to pack and move and that we could easily do it on our own with a little help from a few friends and a rented truck from a truck ranting […]

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Planning on Moving Solo? Think Again

By: Sean Zharfati Many people on the verge of their move face the question of whether to move by themselves, or to hire a moving company. While renting moving truck might seem like a good idea, and one that can save you money, it’s wise to look at […]

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Moving Your Office

By: Sean Zharfati Office Moving can be even more challenging than moving your home. The reason for this is plain and simple – your business cannot come to a standstill while you are moving. Your customers need to feel secure during your move and you need to remain […]

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Moving Insurance

By: Sean Zharfati With so much to consider in preparing for the big move, we don’t like to think about the possibility that our belongings will be damaged. However, it is a possibility – regardless of how trustworthy our packers and movers are. There are several things that […]

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How to keep a Sane Marriage while Moving

By: Sean Zharfati A stable marriage is never easy to maintain, even at the most tranquil times of life. And when times are stressful, it can be one of the most difficult challenges we face.  Moving is definitely one of those stressful times, and so it’s a wise […]

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A Simple Guide to Moving Companies

By: Sean Zharfati So you’ve done the hard part; after days, weeks, or months of painstaking review, your new home is chosen and all that remains is take your things from A to B. Hmm, not quite so simple is it? It’s easy enough to find a moving […]

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