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Take away when Moving to Brooklyn

By: Sean Zharfati

If you’re moving to Brooklyn, don’t panic, we have take-out and delivery here too! One of the most primary fears we have as humans is the fear of starvation. From that first time our milk doesn’t appear pronto, on demand, our neurochemical system sends a message to the brain that says ‘scream louder or you will starve to death’, prompting the same internal response every time we move even inches from the stability of our well stocked kitchen or local take out restaurant. But DON’T PANIC! Even if you’re moving to Brooklyn! Here is a list of the ten best, quickest, easiest and most nutritious take out delivery services in Brooklyn, with EMERGENCY contact numbers for immediate food delivery so nobody starves to death!

Take away when moving to Brooklyn

Image courtesy of Torsap

Purbird – Park Slope, 82-6th Ave  (718) 857 2473

Free delivery and free of antibiotics – whole or half flame grilled chicken, house ground chicken burgers and fresh chicken or regular salads. Remember to ask for delicious dipping sauces and extra creamy creamed spinach, to help give you extra strength so you can watch your Brooklyn moving company guys work with extra power!

Peking Kitchen -306, 93rd St  (718)748 1118

You can’t go wrong with Chinese takeout when moving to Brooklyn. Peking Kitchen is reasonably priced, offers a traditional Chinese menu with an emphasis on fresh food and fast delivery for the extremely starving. Try the excellent Kung Pao Chicken, the veggie lo mein with baby corn and fresh water chestnuts, or the chicken and broccoli. You can ask for brown rice if you prefer.

Pete Zaaz – 776Classon Ave  (718) 230 9229

Delicious gourmet pizza, baked potato, Chile con-carne, shoestring Zucchini Pizza and cheesecake are available from this snazzy little Pizzeria in Crown Heights.

Izakaya on Smith 176 Smith St  (718) 855 2020

Beautiful Sushi restaurant offers the best in tapaz, ramen and sushi. Their coded online menu shows most popular, chefs choice, vegetarian and spicy options. Try the Yakatori, the ramen soup or the curry on rice.

Cochinita Tacos 922 Fulton St  (718) 789-7700

Gluten Free corn tacos, tortillas and burritos are available at this tasty Mexican restaurant. Apart from the usual chicken, beef and pork, you can order the Rajas vegetarian (roast marinated capsicum), and the delicious Iced Hibiscus flower tea.

Tanoreen 7523 3rd Ave (718)7485600

You definitely won’t starve if you order from this Middle Eastern Mediterranean grill. Stuffed vine leaves, grilled chicken sandwich, chicken shwarma, fresh hummus, garlic greens, eggplant savories, or fresh Mediterranean salads will see you through your move with leftovers for breakfast!

Dao Palate Vegan 329 Flatbush Ave. (718) 638 1995

This brilliant Asian fusion, vegan restaurant has a comprehensive menu that won’t disappoint you. Try the Black pepper seitan with Chinese broccoli or the steamed spinach shumai with soy vinaigrette, or the smoked teriyaki seitan topped off with rich vegan cheesecake.

We hope moving to Brooklyn will be an enjoyable and well-nourished experience, now quick order something before your mother calls to see if you’ve eaten yet !

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