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Planning on Moving Solo? Think Again

By: Sean Zharfati

Many people on the verge of their move face the question of whether to move by themselves, or to hire a moving company. While renting moving truck might seem like a good idea, and one that can save you money, it’s wise to look at all the facts before making such a crucial decision. Often what seems like a money-saver ultimately turns out quite different. There are also other issues to consider, such as time, energy and well-being – none of which come with a price tag attached.

moving truck

Safety on the Road

Firstly, in renting moving truck companies like U-Haul or other companies, one needs to ensure the safety and condition of the vehicle.  You are about to put the safety of yourself, perhaps your family members and definitely your belongings, into this vehicle, and you want to make sure that everyone and everything is going to arrive safely and soundly.

Do Your Own Self Inspection

Secondly, just because the moving truck has been authorized for road worthiness doesn’t let you off the hook to do your own examination. You want to check that all lights and signals are working, brakes are strongly functioning and tires are in good condition. These vans go through a great deal of wear and tear throughout the course of their existence, and the chances are that their users don’t give them the same loving care they do to their own personal vehicles.

Handling a Lot of Vehicle

Thirdly, having a driving license doesn’t necessarily mean one is up for the task of driving such a large vehicle. Driving a moving truck needs a whole different perception of one’s presence on the road, than does driving a car. You are taking up a lot of space, both length and width, and it can be quite daunting to navigate roads and highways in such a vehicle. Driving in traffic, making turns, driving down narrow lanes and even just parking a moving truck is an art in itself, and can be quite a difficult experience for someone trying it for the first time – regardless of how experienced a driver they are.

Weigh the Possibilities Carefully

Finally, when making your final decision as to whether to go it alone or hire a moving company, think of all eventualities. In comparing prices, remember that there are hidden costs involved in renting a a moving truck. The original quote you get might not include all of the insurance involved, some of which is ‘optional’ but all of which is highly recommended. You wouldn’t want to make a decision to save money and end up paying much more than you would have, had you simply hired a moving company. Also be sure to consider all the other things you’ll be taking care of in relation to the move, and whether or not you really want the added stress and hassle of having to pack and load all of your belongings onto a truck and then drive them to the final destination. Consider the physical and emotional state you’re likely to be in upon arrival, and that then you’ll have to unload the truck yourself and return it to the dealer before you can start settling into your new home.

Whichever way you ultimately decide to go, here’s wishing you a safe and efficient moving day!

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