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What to avoid shipping with your moving company

By: Sean Zharfati

Most of the time, as we start packing for the big move, we focus on what we will be sending with our moving company. But it’s equally important to consider what not to send! There are a number of items that are either not safe or not advisable to put into moving boxes and send along in the van, and other options must be considered.

The first big category of items not to send with the moving company is anything flammable or explosive. Things you may not have considered to be dangerous items, actually are. Many cleaning agents, while fine stored on a high shelf in your garage or utility room, don’t make good travelers. Containers, once opened, are often not leak-proof and can spill and cause damage to other items in the van. They may have noxious fumes that can leak, and some cleaning agents while okay by themselves, can be extremely toxic when combined with other chemicals. The best thing to do is to go through your bottles and containers of cleaning fluids and decide which ones you can part with. Dispose of them in a safe manner and decide to purchase new ones upon arrival in your new home.

Read the warning label on all spray cans – you may be surprised to read that many are flammable and dangerous when put under pressure. While these items might be safely moved in your own vehicle, again the best idea might be to throw them away and purchase new ones once settled in your new home.

Chances are you wouldn’t think of putting your family pets into storage boxes and sending them with the movers. But many of us would consider sending our plants and flowers that way, packed into storage boxes. If you truly care for your plants, best to take them with you in your car, where you can be sure they will receive the treatment they deserve, and not be damaged in the move by coming into contact with one of the moving boxes. Food items as well are something to consider carefully before packing them away into storage boxes and sending on the van. If there is any jostling in the van, cartons can become damaged and the food item will no longer be protected.

Another category it’s probably best not to put into moving boxes and send with the movers is valuables and jewelry. If you have heirlooms, precious gold or silver jewelry or the like, it’s best not to pack them in moving boxes and place them in the van. You will feel far more comfortable and secure by packing them into your own personal vehicle and keeping them close by.

Keep these few rules of thumb in mind when packing for the big move, and save yourself a lot of hassle and trouble when the moving day arrives.

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